Saturday, 20 April 2013

My version of a McDonalds Bacon'n'Egg Bagel Sandwich

So, I hate to say this, but there is one food item at McDonalds that I crave from time to time. It is the Bacon'n'Egg Bagel Sandwich. So instead of putting McDonalds food through my body, I decided to invent my own version that is basically the same, but a lot more healthy.

Here is my version of a McDonalds Bacon'n'Egg sandwich:

-One Bagel (I usually use a cheese bagel - quite tasty!)
-2-3 Slices of Cheddar Cheese
-A thin slice of Ham (or 2-3 pieces of bacon)
-One Egg, Scrambled
-Hollandaise Sauce (Mayo will work just fine if you don't have hollandaise sauce)

The five steps I use to make this:

1. Toast your Bagel
2. Scramble your egg
3. Put egg on toasted Bagel
4. Add cheese, Ham, and sauce.

This is one of my favourite Breakfasts/Lunches.
Hope you enjoyed it too! Don't forget to send me your requests for recipes!


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